Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jeopardy Labs

Summer is soooo very close, and I know you'll be sad to hear it...but it's the last Webby Wednesday of the school year =( I'm going to leave you this year with a website that provides an online platform for creating Jeopardy style games for your students. I know some of you do some planning throughout the summer, so if you do, and even if you don't, keep this site in mind in the future...
The website is To get started just click Start Building (this is the free way). You will be prompted to create a password. Just make sure you remember your password because you will need it if you want to edit your game in the future. Once you click Start Building, you will then be taken to the edit screen. Building your Jeopardy game is easy, just click to edit the Title and Categories, and click on a point value to enter an answer and question (think Jeopardy style). Just complete as many questions and answers as you'd like, and then when you are finished, make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you Save, you will be given links to your game. Make sure and bookmark and/or save the web addresses. When you play the game with your students you can pick the number of teams playing, and then keep record of the scores on the website by click the + and - buttons.

You can find many Jeopardy games already created on the site by clicking on Browse from the homepage (that's where I found the following sample,
Happy Summer and Enjoy!