Monday, March 7, 2011

Flipboard for iPad, definite like

I've been using Flipboard for a good amount of time now and feel like I can truly say I like it. I've passed the point of using it just because it was new & shiny (the true test) and am still going to it on my iPad daily. For those of you that aren't familiar, Flipboard puts various feeds (of your selection) in a magazine style format. It features some articles or posts more prominently, but you can tap on any to make them full screen. I really like the fact that when zoomed in on a story I can share the post very easily & see others that have tweeted the post too.

I really like to have various site feeds set up as sections in my Flipboard. Particularly sites like Mashable Technology and ReadWriteWeb where I can see multiple sources of information. I also setup my Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader feeds but have found I don't visit these sections as often as my others. Overall, I think Flipboard provides a fun way to view the news & share what you're reading & best of all it's free-ee in the App Store!

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