Wednesday, January 26, 2011, Search by readability has the purpose of providing Google search results that are color coded by readability. Their philosophy is...
Everyone has different reading abilities. Some people searching the web are university professors and others are 5 year old children. Twurdy has been created to provide people with access to search results that suit their own readability level. 
Since it runs off of Google search you can type in the same things that you would type into the search of Google. You'll notice that it takes a little bit longer to see the search results. This is because Twurdy is looking at the level of vocabulary used on the site in order to code it. There are even three different ways that you can search with Twurdy: Just Twurdy, Simple Twurdy, or Twurdy with Pop.

If you're in more of a hurry a Simple Twurdy search may be the best choice, but if you want the results to be the most accurate then Twurdy with Pop may be the way to go. The FAQ page of the Twurdy site contains more information about these different types of searches, as well as more information.

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