Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Symbaloo - Fast links, Fun interface

Symbaloo offers a great way to sort out site links. You can pick from pre-organized Symbaloo pages (see here) or create you own (see my example, screen shot below).

With a free account you can create your own start page and have a link to post on your site in order to share it with your students. To get started with creating your own Symbaloo for education, follow the steps below, or view the video at the bottom of the post.
  • Go to
  • Option A - use the Symbaloo you see here
    Option B - click Create free account (in the upper-right) to make your own and save it
    • Enter your name, email, and a password (you might want to uncheck "I want the inside scoop" before you select to "agree to Symbaloo's..." and click Create my account
    • Click Get started with your webmix (you'll see a pop up after this to Set as my home page, you can follow the directions, or just close that window)
    • Click on blank tile space to add a site
    • Select Click here to create your own tile
    • Enter your site address select your options, then click to Add tile to webmix
    • You will see your newly created tile, just click it and drag it anywhere on your webmix


  1. Thanks - that's very useful.
    So what's the difference between Symbaloo and Edu. Symbaloo? When I tried accessing the latter it asked me to sign up even though I'd already logged on to the former - as if it's two independent websites

  2. Leo - Thanks for the comment! One of the things I like the most is that with the edu.symbaloo site if you browse the gallery, all of the symbaloos should be of educational value. You can also have your student accounts associated with your account (if you opt for the paid subscription, which I did not). I do believe they are 2 sites that work independently. I hope that helps!