Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The possibilities of Glogster

I spent my time last week at a technology conference where I was reminded of some technology tools I was familiar with and some that I wasn't. In reflecting about the conference I found I was focusing more on the tools that I was familiar with but might have skimmed over previously, not noticing or recognizing the opportunities that they provided. One of these is Glogster. For those of you that do not know, Glogster is presented as an interactive poster. At first glance I thought, why do I need this?? Don't websites, blogs and wikis provide enough interaction? How wrong I think I was. The format of Glogster makes it easy for even a novice to add text, movies, sound clips, and pics while glitzing them up in a way that is sure to gain the attention of many students. The beauty is that with the educational side of Glogster, edu.glogster.com, an educator can create an account for his/herself and receive logins for students. The students can create their own Glogs, and then the teacher is the only one that has the right to publish the projects. I find this most appealing for those students that are not comfortable with or cannot have information posted on the web. I look forward to introducing this site to teachers and seeing the projects that students create!

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