Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scribble Maps

This post marks the start of Webby Wednesdays (Yay!!). Every Wednesday of the school year I will be posting a website that I have found and think might be helpful to teachers and students. The first Webby Wednesday site (drum roll please....) Scribble Maps!

Scribble Maps provide an excellent place to virtually draw, mark-up, and measure on a map. The site integrates with Google Maps, which makes the format recognizable and easy and to use. You will find tools for drawing or marking on the map in a toolbar at the top of the page.

One of the nicest features I found was that the line tool also shows the distance from the start to the end of the line. This enables you to map out a path and know the distance, or to find the most advantageous way to get somewhere.

Classroom Application
Teachers can use Scribble Maps in place of a classroom map when you are wanting to mark specific locations on the map for the students to see. Since there is no registration required to use the site, students can also use Scribble Maps! Students could simply zoom in on a particular area, and mark landmarks/locations on the map using a place marker and the text tool on the site. Additionally, students could plan a route using the line tool on the map and note the distance of that route (shown automatically with the line tool), ultimately trying to find the most efficient path.

Please leave a comment and share how you are, or will be using Scribble Maps in your classroom!

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