Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simple Timer

This website provides a large Simple Timer that can be displayed on your computer/projector. You can have the timer simply run, or set it to count down from a specific number of minutes. Simply choose the option you prefer, then click Start the Clock.

Timer options with image of timer

The clock will turn green when it begins counting, and will sound a gong when time has expired (if you have set the clock to count down).

Use this tool anytime you are in need of a timer in your class. Just bookmark the site on your computer so that it is easy and fast to access! If you like the Simple Timer you may also want to check out the One-Minute Timer.


  1. this says page not found. Is it just me? Denisha

  2. Unfortunately, it seems that since this post was written back in April, Triptico (the company that makes the site) has gone offline :( You can read more about it at In the could try this timer out It works differently but is pretty cool. You can actually type in your browser and it will start the countdown. You can see even more options for usage on their homepage. I hope this helps!