Sunday, March 6, 2011

Re-involving myself, or at least trying

I got involved in Twitter originally wanting to be a part of a PLC. That's also the main reason I began this blog. I'm in the field of educational technology and believe in furthering my own learning and networking with others in this field. I also definitely believe in the role that these platforms play in this equation.

I jumped in fast (insert shocking gasps from those who know me) and launched a professionally focused twitter page and re-located my blog to a place that I thought would be easier for others to reach.

I found an ed tech list to follow and sent out my first tweet anxiously awaiting replies from others in the ed tech world...and then was a little disappointed when this did not happen immediately. I collected myself and realized that I needed to invest some time in this. I began reading tweets daily, and began blogging more regularly. I followed more people on twitter, and then a crazy thing happened, I stopped reading them quite as often.  The good side of it is that I have kept up this blog. Though if I'm honest, my original goal was to post a minimum of 3-4 times per week, and the reality is it's been more like 1-2.

All of this to say I'm going to try again...and while thinking this I decided it might be a good idea to share the mistakes that I made the first time around, and proclaim my current goals.


  1. I began reading many blogs (I use Google Reader), but failed to comment and become an active participant = I was a lurker.
  2. I published tweets from my blog but didn't not insert any thoughts or personality = I shoved my own posts out there without any personal touch.
  3. I read tweets from others but did not re-tweet, converse, or participate in any chat sessions = repeat lurker.
Overall mistake = not being actively involved, I was merely a bystander.

  1. Make my twitter follows more manageable in number (for now), and read daily.
  2. Tweet even when I have not published a blog post, ie when I see something interesting that is related to the field or have found a new (to me) resource. Even if I think others may already know about this resource to some degree.
    See this one is a biggy to me. In the past, I have come across great (to me!) resources, but then thought, eh everybody else probably knows about this, and not posted anything about it, only to see a few new posts about it later.
  3. Write a new blog post a minimum of 3 times a week, not just when I find a new resource. Share current concerns from my field or ideas for improvement. 
Overall Goals = Read tweets daily, tweet regularly, and blog at minimum 3 times a week.

I will try to stick to these goals. However, being the easily distractible person that I am (once again, insert gasps of shock from those who know me) I realize I may fail at times, but if I do, I'm going to try again, and hopefully get better the next time around!

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