Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Take out the clutter with Quietube

YouTube is a great resource for educational videos. I've spoken to teachers that are concerned about showing videos from YouTube in their classroom because of all the extra "stuff" that's on a YouTube page. This is a very valid concern. A great solution to show YouTube videos in an educational setting is Quietube.

What is Quietube? It takes the YouTube video you're currently viewing and puts it on a blank screen, with no suggested videos or comments.

How does QuietTube work? 
  1. Go to 
  2. From this site drag the button that says "quietube" into your bookmarks bar of your browser (If you don't have a bookmarks bar visible in you browser go to View>Bookmarks Bar). It super easy from here. 
  3. Find the YouTube video you'd like to use, and then from that video's YouTube page click the quietube button from your bookmarks bar. 
  4. That's it! Your video is viewable in this format and you can save the url or even click the button below the video to get a short url. Use this link to show the video to your students. Click the pic below for an example.

For emsisd teachers...want more info on Visual Thesaurus? Check out


  1. What is the benefit in using Quietube over a converting program like Zamzar?


  2. Thanks for an awesome question Pam! =)

    The benefit of Quietube is that you don't have to spend time downloading and waiting for the file to convert like you do with Zamzar. Quietube is instant and doesn't have to take time to change the file at all, it simply streams it through the blank page setup of Quietube.