Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RSS Feeds...What are they and are they useful to me??

RSS feeds have been a part of my life for a while now, so I forget sometimes that others are not aware of the benefit of using them and the time that they can save you. If you're in the habit of checking your favorite sites regularly for new and updated information, then RSS feeds are certainly for you! To take advantage of RSS feeds you need an RSS Aggregator or Reader. I use Google Reader for my RSS feeds because it's online and free. Want to try it out? I think the video below does a good job of explaining the function of Google Reader and how to use it.

More sites than you may realize contain RSS Feeds that you can subscribe to including most all news sites, blogs, and podcast pages. If you see an image on a webpage similar to the one below, then it has an RSS feed  that you can subscribe to.

Usually you can just click the image and select to subscribe to the feed, or copy the address of the page and paste it into your Reader. Take a look at the RSS feed button at the top of this blog to see what I'm talking about...and feel free to subscribe =)


  1. Thanks Becky, for adding this post. I'm going to reference it on my blog so that others can learn how to use the RSS feed. It's such a great tool and such a timesaver!