Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weblist...One page of web shortcuts! is a site designed to put links for multiple websites in one place. puts the web addresses that you enter in an easy-to-use format that would be great for student use.

To get started just go to Weblist and fill in the websites that you want to use. Creating an account for this site is entirely optional. You can just start entering the web addresses that you want to use. Just click the plus sign to add more links.

I did find that the "Add Media" option wasn't always successful for me so I stuck to just using the websites. You'll want to add a name for your weblist, and know that the name you enter here will be used for the site address. Once you click to Create List a window will display with several important addresses. The first address is the one that you want to share with students and others for them to access your weblist. The second address is one that you want to be sure to save so that you have the option of editting your weblist in the future. Once you close the window you will see your completed list. I really like that the sites are tiled so that you get a preview of what's on the webpages.

How does this get even better?? =) Well when you click a link from your weblist page the site will display with a small toolbar at the top. From this toolbar you can click the arrows to move through the different pages from the weblist or just hover over the name of the page to view the other pages in a list.

Classroom Application
Teachers can create weblists for their students to use for research or to introduce a skill or concept. Students can create their own weblists for projects by linking to different webpages and videos. 

Check out the weblist I made for an example and some great classroom tools!

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