Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simple Booklet...Fast & Easy Web Flipbooks

Simple Booklet provides one of the easiest platforms that I have seen for fast web publishing. Why would you want to use it? Well, who wouldn't want to make a fun, and interactive "flipbook" to communicate information?

To get started, just click on Create (creating an account is optional, but it does allow for you to save your booklets for later editing). You will see a screen with a simple toolbar, and a large area that says Click Anywhere to Add Content. It's that easy! When you click you will see a window of options. If you want to change the background just click Background, add text? click Text, and if you need to add a video just click Video. I think you get the idea =) You can even resize your flipbook by dragging from the bottom-right corner. Once you've added content you can click and drag your content around on a slide easily. When you need another page, just click the small page-turn corner that's found to the upper-right of your book (if you need to go back click the one on the left).

When you're finished with your flipbook click the Publish  button to see your options. You can publish it publicly, get a short url (ex., and also get the embeddable code to add your flipbook to your website (see below)!

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