Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Need an Alternative for a Piece of Software?

Have you ever found yourself looking for a free or open source version of an expensive piece of software? Maybe you used a piece of software or a website for a long time and loved it, then it changes and you decide you want to try something different?? If either of these scenarios are familiar to you then could be a very helpful resource. The purpose of this website is to provide alternatives for software, websites, and even phone apps. It's super easy to use, just enter the the name of what you're looking for alternatives to into the search window, then you will see a list of alternatives, many of which are free. You can see the number of people that have "liked" this resource and see comments that people have made about it.

Here I've searched for alternatives to Microsoft Word so you can see a list of different applications that are related. If one is intriguing you can just click it, and then you will find a little more info with a list of alternatives to that application as well. If you want to visit the site, click the link to view the website.

I hope you'll find some great alternatives and explore some new resources...Enjoy!

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