Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - Share a pic, so easy!

It doesn't get any easier to share an image (in my opinion) =) If you have one picture or even a few that you want to share with others, just open your browser and type in the address, From here, it's as simple as dragging your picture(s) over to the window, or clicking the Select your Files link and going from there. As soon as you do this you will see a page with your image(s) and a small window that details the pictures and includes links. The link that you want to share is at the bottom of the window. For an example go to This example is of 5 pictures, just click the one you want to view.

It's not necessary to even create an account, but if you want to easily access your picture galleries later, you may want to register. Thanks to my coworker Ricky Gode (and his informant Josh Davis) for this site! =) Enjoy!

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