Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are something that many people are familiar with. Some (like me =) use them on a daily basis, and others just here and there. There are multiple shortcuts that are well known and loved, and then those that I think tend to get forgotten. All of this to say, here are my top 10 (plus a few) favorite keyboard shortcuts…

FYI, for Mac users substitute the Command key for Ctrl
  1. Ctrl + X = Cut, think of the X as a pair of scissors to help you remember this one. 
    Ctrl + C = Copy
    Ctrl + V = Paste, I remember this one as V for Velcro
    (I know that was actually 3 keyboard shortcuts but they’re all very related so they count as one here)
  2. Ctrl + Z = Undo, this is one I could never go without!
    Ctrl + Y will re-do whatever you have undone.
  3. Alt + Tab = Switch between open programs, continue to hold Alt and press Tab again to switch to a different program all with your keyboard. This is great for a quick change during a presentation!
  4. Windows + D = Shows your desktop (btw, the windows key is found right next to the Alt key on your keyboard Smile)  It will minimize all programs and windows that you have open so that you can access your desktop items. Press Windows + D again to show all of your windows.
    Mac users = F11 for same function
  5. Ctrl + D = Duplicate, now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t duplicate just another word for copy, the answer here is no. The Duplicate function actually serves a fantastic purpose. To use it in it’s full glory I recommend opening a PowerPoint slide.
    - Insert a small picture or a small shape
    - Click to select the item then press Ctrl + D on your keyboard (do not touch your mouse here… yeah I’m serious :)
    - Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the image over so that it sits right next to your original picture.
    - Press Ctrl + D on your keyboard, and watch as the next image is placed with the exact same spacing next to this image…magical!! If you continue pressing Ctrl and press D  more times, the pattern will continue.
    (You can use this same tip for multiple items, for example, if you get grouping of images that you want to duplicate, just hold the Ctrl key and click to select all of the images, then use Ctrl + D)
  6. F6 (when in Internet Explorer or Firefox) = The address bar being highlighted. This makes for fast typing of a different web address.
  7. Ctrl + Enter (when entering a web address in Internet Explorer or Firefox) = www + .com, Let me explain this one a little bit further. When you are in an internet browser entering a web address to go to, instead of typing out the www.(websitename).com, just enter the website name, then press Ctrl + Enter. For example type in emsisd, then press Ctrl + Enter and your web browser will go to the full address.
  8. Ctrl + F = Find, use this keyboard shortcut anytime you want to find a specific word or phrase in a document or website!
  9. Windows Key + F = Search, use this to search for a document or file on your computer.
  10. Ctrl + A = Selects everything, in a document this means the text and images in the document, in a folder you are viewing this will select all of the items in that folder.

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