Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shwup...Create Videos from Multiple Sources

Shwup provides a way to make one movie out of pics and videos from multiple people. The site has a video introduction on their webpage that I highly suggest you take a look at if this concept interests you. To begin, you do need to create an account on the site (it just asks for your name and email address). The good thing is that people you invite to contribute media to the video do not have to create an account. In fact. according to shwup.com...
"For those invited, there is no signing up, registering, or download required to view and contribute photos and video. To contribute to the album, it's as simple as replying to the email with an attachment..."
 Once people have contributed media to your album, you can create what Shwup refers to as a "muvee". You can choose the music and media that you want to include and then easily share the muvee with others.

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